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Our Grafting Clips are Flexible, Durable, Easy to Clip and Release, Won’t Hurt Plants.

Videoyu oynat
UltImate solutIons

Clips adapt to any size of the grafted plant and every stage of its growth; It also helps employees in instilling its distinctive transparency, which gives you an excellent result.

Videoyu oynat


Available in diameter sizes to fit any plant dimensions during each stage

The flexibility and transparency of the high quality silicon ensures successful grafts

The clips are disposable and they do not require any human action to be removed or

The clips have a hole to keep a plastic support stick at the right position.and keep

Discover among our products the ones that best suit to your needs and your crop's features

Grafting clips and clamps for plants
In Hak Agro we offer different models of grafting clips and clamps for plants with which you will obtain different ways for holding the stems and bunches of your products, each with its characteristics and advantages, which will provide your crops with an improvement in fruit’s quality and a bigger production.

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Our Hak Agro company was established in 1999. aims to serve the world with its expert team that succeeds in bringing together years of experience and experienced technology in this sector.

As Hak Agro, we produce clips that will increase the efficiency and quality of agricultural and greenhouse products.